Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Plaxo + LinkedIn

Plaxo and LinkedIn are very good networking sites. You can put all your information on there for your contacts to see. This will allow their contacts to see the information as well. And it will go out to anyone that you release it to. Like with the other social networking sites, these sites will make you known all over the world on the professional side of things. You can update your resume, qualifications, experience, etc. on a daily basis. It updates you on anything that you may be interested in. You can search for jobs by category. Just a real good place to promote yourself professionally.

If you had your own website, I am sure that you could make your resume look really good, however this has it set up for you already and you just enter in your material. Also, I am sure that plaxo and linkedin have protection software.. (hopefully) and i am not so sure how you would set this up on your own page. Identity theft is a major problem nowadays, hopefully these information sites will not add to that problem

With everything going online, I imagine this will be the job market type sites of the future. Really cool stuff.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Library Thing


Library Thing is another cool site that allows you to catalog your entire book library or just the books that you are reading. You can add tags or any type of headings that allow you to find the book in your catalog easy. Other people can see your library, and the site groups people together that may have the same or similar book interests. You can chose to keep your information private if you wish. You can review the books and read others reviews. Library thing will even recommend books that may interest you.

Image Generator

This is something I made using letter James. I can not believe how easy it was to make. I am still in the process of exploring the other websites that have more ways of making cool images and editing the text. Once again a new internet related way of making/creating things that I wouldnt have even thought about. Very Cool!!!!

Cant wait for 7/29/2011.. Going to be fantastic!!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Exercise-World Fitness Social Network

I subscribed to the podcast link for exercise-world Fitness Social Network. It is like the myspace for fitness. I had some trouble subscribing to other podcasts that I listened to. Some were actually very interesting and were subject specific on things like, why are muscles are sore and just some general things about fitness. My trouble was that my bloglines site couldnt find the site that I transferred over. I dont think I did anything wrong because I was able to add some the same way. Would like to know if anyone else has these same problems. Aside from that, podcast alley and podcast.com were awesome ways to find podcasts. Very similiar to finding blogs and other internet related items. I think podcasts numbers will grow tremendously and blogs will slow. Just my opinion.

You Tube

You Tube was an instant success and still is. You can find anything you need. Just for fun stuff or how to score inside against a 2/3 Zone and your biggest player is 5'6. And a million other ideas. My only concern, like with most things on the internet, is the amount of artifacts. But with new search engines it makes it really easy. I love how I just start typing and then the search bar tells me what I am looking for. Its awesome.

I picked that you tube video, because its one that I am in, and it was a fun day for me and some friends and family. Sometimes we forget that here in central Cali we are only an hour from snow. What a fund day.

My future brother in law is the one who decided to try and do a sled jump on a snow hill, and as you can see, the results were not so good for him. Im the good looking guy in the blue jacket that decided to laugh instead of helping him. I think everyone was laughing.

Check out the other you tube links that come up.. Very Funny!!!

Man Vs Snow Hill


I find it amazing that there are so many blogs. So at first I thought it would be impossible for anyone to find a blog because there are so many. You would have to go through thousands to find the type of blog that you are looking for. But after further review of the site technorati, its just the opposite. Its the google search of blogs. By refining my search I can narrow down my choices to find exactly what I am looking for. And with almost 100 Million blogs out there, anyone could find just about anything they would like to read about.. Amazing.


Del.icio.us is another great idea for using the internet. It is a social bookmarking manager. Basically, when you are on the web and you are at a site that you like you can add it to your favorites. Or like me I just hope that the next time I want it, the site is still listed in my history and pops up after I type in a few letters. With del.icio.us it allows me to save these sites on my del.icio.us page so I can access these sites from anywhere that has the internet, unlike just adding them to your favorites. Adding to Favorites only allows you access from that computer that has your favorites. I see this being used mostly for personal reason, but I often use interntet sites to do research for my basketball program as well. I could save these sites to my del.ico.us page for future reference. And trust me, there has been many times that I want to look something up and cant remember where to find it. I could also use this to share with other coaches. That way we can all see each others bookmarks. Good way to gather more references.