Monday, February 1, 2010

You Tube

You Tube was an instant success and still is. You can find anything you need. Just for fun stuff or how to score inside against a 2/3 Zone and your biggest player is 5'6. And a million other ideas. My only concern, like with most things on the internet, is the amount of artifacts. But with new search engines it makes it really easy. I love how I just start typing and then the search bar tells me what I am looking for. Its awesome.

I picked that you tube video, because its one that I am in, and it was a fun day for me and some friends and family. Sometimes we forget that here in central Cali we are only an hour from snow. What a fund day.

My future brother in law is the one who decided to try and do a sled jump on a snow hill, and as you can see, the results were not so good for him. Im the good looking guy in the blue jacket that decided to laugh instead of helping him. I think everyone was laughing.

Check out the other you tube links that come up.. Very Funny!!!

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