Monday, February 1, 2010 is another great idea for using the internet. It is a social bookmarking manager. Basically, when you are on the web and you are at a site that you like you can add it to your favorites. Or like me I just hope that the next time I want it, the site is still listed in my history and pops up after I type in a few letters. With it allows me to save these sites on my page so I can access these sites from anywhere that has the internet, unlike just adding them to your favorites. Adding to Favorites only allows you access from that computer that has your favorites. I see this being used mostly for personal reason, but I often use interntet sites to do research for my basketball program as well. I could save these sites to my page for future reference. And trust me, there has been many times that I want to look something up and cant remember where to find it. I could also use this to share with other coaches. That way we can all see each others bookmarks. Good way to gather more references.

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  1. Love this idea for a website! Thanks for passing it on!