Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How will I benefit now or in future with all of this technology??

Facebook and twitter can be used immediately in my profession and even better in the future. I would love to create a facebook page, twitter page or a site for basketball team that gives live updates in real time. This would be awesome for players, families and fans. We could post practice times and locations, along with schedule for the day. Players can post questions back. Parents know what time practice is and when it will end. We could do the same for games. Post time and locations (would come in very handy during tournament time), depart times, etc.. Along with all the pictures of games and team events this site could be lots of fun and very useful.

Facebook and other interactive sites would come in handy now but down the road even better. As a basketball coach, I know that about 25-40 percent of my players have internet access. Most all have phones but not all have internet access or mobile devices to keep them constantly connected. I think this number will go up in the near future, providing or economy get better. That would be my concern. Relying on something that not everyone has access to. Hopefully 100% of my players will be connected soon.


  1. Coach--I think that the social sites would be a great way to keep your players up to date on practice times, travel times, stats, and other announcements that come up during the season. I bet you have more players with Internet access than you think, but you are right, someday soon everyone will be connected. Nice post and good thoughts.

  2. TJ
    I created a Facebook page for my team. Kalaheo Football. Become a fan and you can see how I've been sending out daily information to the player's everday. it is still new but I think it will turn out to be a great idea.

    take care

  3. I like the idea of having a Facebook page with live, game-time info for team members, family, and fans. Probably most of your players have a Facebook page and are logged on almost all day. Why not use it to your and your teams advantage??? Great idea!