Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Being a coach for the last 17 years has really helped me out with the computer. I have had to make a million forms, calendars, budget organizers, car wash tickets, pamphlets, enrollment sheets, contact sheets, dinner flyers, etc. etc. etc...... Google Docs has everything that I need and then some. I do agree that this will be the new wave of using document tools. I have ran into problems with opening attachments from other coaches, and/or they having problems opening mine. This is the new wave software tool. I am already thinking of the new ways I can use it now. For sure I can use it for what I mentioned above, but cant wait to keep playing with it to find new tools to incorporate into my program.


  1. I didn't even think about all the flyers, calendars, pamphlets, contact sheets that one could produce. Great idea! I know that if I did all my work on the Google docs, I could work on it from another computer which is really convenient. I also do think that this will be the new wave of using document tools. It has so much to offer and I am sure that Google will come up something new that will upgrade the system and make it even better. Good post TJ -Ernie

  2. I really like your idea about being able to share calendars, fliers, and contact sheets with fellow parents and players. I also feel that it may give us the opportunity to share coaching strategies with one another. This fall I went to a local coaching clinic and Kevin O'Niell was nice enough to sendout plays and components of his program to all that were interested. I can only imagine how exhausting that must of been on his secretary and the copy machine. With Google Docs, he could have just posted the documents for all of us to use.

  3. This was actually one of the only things I really liked this week as for assignments. I found this to be really useful. I imagine that we can all talk about it and come up with some really good applications.