Wednesday, January 20, 2010

3 articles that I found interesting

First Article:

Social Networking: I found this article to be very interesting. Right off it grabbed my attention. The article discussed the Virginia Tech mass murder and explained how my space, facebook and other social networking sites put families at ease when wondering how their loved ones were doing. With social networking this is done in real time. The article then went on to success in social networking. I was surprised to learn that wikipedia is a non-profit site and makes no money. When I think of these sites I am always amazed that they sell them to bigger companies for 100's of millions of dollars. The article went on to point out the number of users on these sites, and they are amazing. I am sure they will continue to climb. 217,000,000 my space users!!! Wow!! Finding out that facebook was started by a Harvard student in 2004 was no surprise, but learning that Harvard restricted the site to is students was. Oh how things have changed.

Second Article:

Emerging Technologies Changing Public Library Service Delivery Models: This article did a great job explaining to me Blogs, Wikis, RSS (really simple syndication), podcasts, vodcasts and instant messaging. The article summarizes what these social networking tools are and how to set them up and use them. Somewhat like a tutorial and some background information. The article then provides great ways to use these tools and examples of how many libraries are using them along with links/references to the examples. Easy and great Read.

Third Article:

Always On: This article was the longest and a little hard for me to read or get into. But, it turned out to be real good. Basically it explains how the Neomillennial Students will learn using all the new modern technologies and how these technologies can be incorporated into teaching. It explains how the Neomillennial Student is always connected to the world with their computer, pda, phone, games, etc.. And because of this we must use this in our educational programs. The article goes into great detail on how to do this and how to engage different types of learning. Finally, the article provides us with good examples of how some schools and universities are already doing this. Very informative read.


  1. You know I was also surprised that wikipedia was non-profit site. I knew that the site allowed you to edit material that was already posted but didn’t know about how it generated money. I also liked reading about how these companies got started. It usually takes one person wanting something from their computer or Internet and coming up with an idea and expanding on it. Then before you know it grows into something huge. If you ever get a chance read about how Yahoo was started. This is also another great story of college student having an idea and it taking off like gang busters.
    I also like Emerging Technologies Changing Public Library Service Delivery Models article. This article expanded my knowledge of technological terms that I had heard of but didn’t really know much about. It did a great job of explaining what new technologies are out there and how we could use them. I could always use new ideas!
    The Neomillennial article was a bit rough around the edges but it sure did point out some interesting points for example having to incorporate new technologies into our class. I agree with this statement. Students are constantly being stimulated by the technology they own (cell phones, IPods etc...). Why not use technology that they are already familiar with and use it to our benefit. It will allow us to present better lessons and get the results that we want from our students. Good Blog…. Ernest

  2. Coach--I too found the Neomillennial article tough to read, but I learned quite a bit from it. Kids today can't go anywhere with out a cell phone or iPod. It seems to reason that we as educators are going to have to stimulate and entertain them better than we are now. The technology is out there, we have to learn how to use it in the classroom and the playing field.

  3. Coach- I found the numbers of users on these sites to be amazing. Just another example of the world getting smaller.