Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Isnt Technology Great!!

Technology is awesome. This post goes out to my iphone. I have had this phone now ever since they came out. I have purchased all three models. I had the first generation, and the second (which I still use now) and my fiance is using the 3GS. It amazes me how awesome this phone is. I have my entire personal and work calendars in my hand. And because I am a big dummy who hates to remember things I have mostly everything set to an alarm so I don't miss meetings or any event. I set my alarm to remind me whenever I want... Five minutes before, 15 minutes, or even 24 hours. I have the internet hooked up for when I am not by a computer, my email comes right to my hand, I check the weather constantly (even to places where I am not going, sometimes just wondering how cold it is in Truckee or how hot it is in Palm Springs). My maps application gets used constantly, and on the new version the gps shows me exactly where I am so its almost impossible to get lost. I have tons of games and apps just for killing time when I am bored. All my favorite music, TV shows, movies are always with me. My scorecenter updates me when my favorite teams are playing and what the outcome is immediately. ITS AMAZING. I rarely even use it as a phone because there are so many things to do on it. I just recently added DVR programming to it so I can set my TV to record whatever show I may miss. This phone is glued to me.

The other day it went down and stopped working for some unknown reason. I was suddenly without it. It was a weird feeling, like if I was stranded on an island and disconnected from the world. Beware folks.. These gadgets are addicting. I advise everyone to purchase a back up phone in case your phone goes down or be close to the ATT or Apple store for a quick purchase. I was lucky to fix mine on a reboot, but OH BETSY.... It was rough. And yes I do have a back up phone just in case it happens again.

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